Board of Directors

Husbands and daughters of breast cancer victims, survivors and friends make up our Board of Directors. Because breast cancer impacts so many people in our community and because all of us know many who have the disease, we have dedicated members committed to detection, treatment, education and elimination of the disease. As a body, we work tirelessly to raise funds and to grant them to worthy area organizations.

The members of the Board include:

  • Marcy Harris, Chairman
  • Kim O’Donnell, Treasurer
  • Linda Salley, Secretary

  • Jim Atkins
  • Barbara Augenblick
  • Cindy Battino
  • Holland Driskill
  • Antoinette Hall
  • Becky Hoecker
  • Cathy McGehee
  • Carol Miller
  • Barbara O’Connor
  • Ellie Smith
  • Liz Wallace
  • Tonya Washington
  • Michelle Woodruff
  • Cindy Zeni

  • Honorary Members:
  • Sandra Atkins
  • Mary Jo Jackson