Advisory Boards

Recognizing that our effectiveness is enhanced by an expansive group of advisors, four Advisory Boards were formed:

  • The Fauquier/Loudoun Advisory Board
  • The Ministerial Advisory Board
  • The Medical Advisory Board.

With approximately fifty members, the duties of the Fauquier/Loudoun and Ministerial Advisory Boards are to:

  • Review and comment on the Foundation’s annual plans
  • Recommend local needs for grants
  • Advise on fundraising sources and events
  • Promote the Foundation by word and mouth
  • Attend either the spring or fall Advisors Meeting

The Medical Advisory Board is composed of Fauquier, Loudoun and area physicians, nurses and pharmacists in the fields of oncology, radiology, surgery, infusion and other breast cancer fields. Their duties include:

  • Recommend possible breast cancer treatment objectives to the Board of Directors.
  • Review the annual breast cancer grants under consideration by the Board.